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We’ll lick your elbow for hours at a time | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

You can’t read the label from inside the jar, just like you can’t identify what the actual eff to do next. Pass the jar. We’ve got you.

- $177 per session-


We Cram As Much As Possible Into an Hour Of Your Time

Your time is money, but your money is also money. That’s why we make sure you leave with real advice you can actually implement. Our goal is to coach ourselves out of a job. Hard stop.


Get some?

Nah. Get it all.

Flexible scheduling | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

Flexible Scheduling

Since this is your time with us, pick your favorite slot with a top secret booking calendar. (We’ll usually meet on Thursdays, but we can rap about it.)

Recorded sessions | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

Recorded Sessions

Everything happens on Zoom video, meaning you get the full audio and video recording to visit & revisit until the end of time. (Remember #Y2K?)

Transparent advice | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

Transparent Advice

No upselling, lofty buzzwords, or spoonfuls of B.S. Instead, you’ll get a checklist of clear next steps so you have your marching orders for world domination.



- $177 a session -

  1. You start shaking with excitement like a damn chihuahua, and we bring out the maracas to really set the mood.

  2. We’ll kick off with a 1-off standalone session to make sure we’re the best fit in the history of the world. (<— Rough approximation.) Just as a heads up, we’ll never meet for more than an hour at a time to make sure you leave feeling inspired and confident about next steps — we don’t really do overwhelm here.

  3. You’ll get a super secret link to schedule your sessions whenever they fit best for you. (You’ll have 90 days to handpick the perfect times.)


“Whatever you need to do to hire Verve & Vigour, do it.

Thank me later.”


What We Can Do | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

These sessions are perfect for:

We’ll pinpoint why people aren’t clicking, buying, or going ga-ga over you (like you know they should.)

Let’s figure out what new offering you should sell, which freebie you should deliver, or where to invest your dollhairs best to start seeing growth and profits.

Not sure how to structure freebie deliveries or upsells? We nurture the everloving heck out of your people. Learn how.

Imagination and whimsy are underated, and we’ve cut our teeth on blowing the lid off this whole Internet Ad thing. Steal our best ideas.

Peek behind our curtain & ask nosy questions about how we structure our systems and handle client onboarding. (Nothing is off-limits, and yes, we’ll give you a tour of how it works.)


 Overwhelm Not Included & No Question Is Off Limits


We’re not going to chuck a ton of wishy-washy information at your head and then push you into the deep end, which is why each session is always limited to an hour.

We know from doing this for awhile that this is the perfect amount of time for us to get in elbows-deep, create a concrete game plan, and then coddle the crap out of you so you get results from our time together.

Not a Fit | Verve & Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print & web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

But go ahead and skip this if you’re looking for:

Since this is strategy, you won’t get full, wireframed web copy.

We will do everything in our power to help you win the most. We’ll give you the ingredients to take over the world — but then you’ve gotta get your hands dirty.

We saw the sign, and it opened up our eyes to longer timelines.

Look, we can’t figure out how to meal prep, either.




Stuff you’ll want to know before giving us money:


+ Okay, so why do I care about this?

Not to toot our own horns (toot, toot!) but we're damn good at this business stuff. We've been doing this for 7 years for hundreds of clients. These consulting sessions are different because they give you a chance to get our brains on tap whenever you need it most -- at way less than it costs to partner with us on a project.

+ How much does it cost?

Consulting and strategy is $177 an hour. Payment is due totally upfront to reserve your perfect times.

+ Are there payment plans?

This is our only service where we can't grant wiggle room on money stuff. Payment is due in full when you book your consulting. (Don't worry, you'll get a fancypants invoice that maps it all out.)

+ What if I need to cancel or reschedule? Are refunds a thing?

Yep! You can self-reschedule your consulting call up to 48-hours in advance with absolutely zero penalty, because LIFE. If you reschedule on shorter notice, we won't charge you, but we'll be annoyed. (Wink.)

You can also get a full refund within the first 15 days of buying your sessions -- assuming we haven't met together yet. After 15 days, your investment is nonrefundable.

+ When is your next availability? What days does this happen?

Usually sessions happen on Thursdays, but if that's a complete no-go, we can talk alternate times. You'll get a private scheduling link when you can pick your ideal slot, and we can meet as soon as next weekish, or as far out as 3 months.

+ Will I have homework or anything?

Look at you, you little overachiever! The short answer: sorta. The longer, more nuanced answer: before kicking off, you’ll get a carefully-developed quiz in your inbox that catches us up on the basics & helps us make the most of our time together. It takes about 20 minutes, and sets the foundation for our future adventures.

You'll also have action items after we meet to turn over in your head, daydream about, and ultimately implement. BINGO, BANGO!

+ What’s the detailed process like?

Don’t worry — we’ll go over it in nitty, gritty detail when we talk on the phone. What you need to know for now is that we're here every step of the way to tell you what comes next.

+ How much do I need to be available?

We'll need your undivided attention on your actual call. It's all done via Zoom video, so make sure your cat is standing by to walk all over the keyboard.

+ How is this different from other ways to work with you?

Other than extreme priority scheduling, there’s a lot more collaboration involved between us during these sessions — so this is perfect for people who want an inside look at how the sausage (and conversion copy) is made.

+ Will I get anything concrete, or am I just taking notes?

Both, any, and ALL. You will always (always) get Zoom video audio and video recordings of our sessions that you can visit and revisit until the actual end of time. Or until the next Y2K. Depending on what else we're tackling, you'll get screenshots, links to Google docs, or actual pictures we've taken with our phone or our brainstorming paper. We give you the gameplan so you have it on-hand.

+ How do I know if it’ll work with my schedule?

Since these are your devoted sessions (and yours alone) we can be pretty accomodating with video call times, depending on your timezone. (For the record, we’re in the U.S. in mountain standard time.)

+ How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

According to New York state wildlife expert, Richert Thomas, woodchucks can (and do) chuck around 700 pounds of wood.

Client Real Talk | Verve &amp; Vigour | Jess Manuszak | freelance print &amp; web conversion copywriter | marketing writer | Denver, Colorado

Get on the books & let’s bust a move.

(We’ll also bust your earning potential wide open. just sayin’.)